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“Songs Like This”

If you do karaoke often like I do, you start to run out of songs. Well, not really run out of songs, more like you get stuck in a rut thinking that you’ve sung EVERY POSSIBLE song you could EVER want to sing. When you’ve hit that wall it can be fun to do a theme night to get the creative juices flowing. My friends and I have set a theme for the night at karaoke, and it’s usually fun and hilarious! We’ve had nights where someone else has to pick your song, or you have to sing a song from a musical or movie soundtrack. It can be fun to mix things up and do songs you wouldn’t normally do.

Karaoke themes:

  • Suicide night – only do songs you’ve never done before
  • 70s, 80s, 90s, etc. night – only sing songs from a particular decade (even more fun if you dress the part!)
  • Guilty pleasures – come on, you know we all have ’em! Belt ’em out!
  • Disney hits – if a cartoon didn’t sing it, it’s no good!
  • Gender bender night – get out of your range and sing songs made famous by the opposite gender
  • Cheesy love songs – the sappier, the better!

Have you done a theme night? What themes would you add to the list? Would you be game for a theme night at a #TechKaraokeSEA event?


“Please, please, please”

Karianne, Kathryn, Nobu and Alix rocking some Annie!

Listen up, rockstars. I know geeks are given a bad rap in the social skills area, but we know that’s BS. However, I just read a post on karaoke etiquette and thought I would impart my thoughts on how to be a kickass karaoker!

1. Be an engaged audience– If you’re in a karaoke bar, you better be ready to hear some karaoke singing! If you aren’t up for that, move on to the next watering hole, or at least find a spot away from the stage.

2. Applaud– It’s tough to get up there, show your support and cheer on the singer! If they were the worst singer ever, applaud that it’s done! 🙂

3. No booing or heckling This goes along with the last one, and I promise you karaoke is a lot more fun if everyone is nice and supportive! (If you must heckle your friends, do it on BarStar!

4. Wait your turn– Everyone get’s their chance, so don’t jump on stage and start singing with someone unless you’re invited!

5. Don’t scream in the mic– Seriously folks, WE HEAR YOU! No need to yell INTO the mic!

6. Be kind to the equipment– Karaoke equipment ain’t cheap! Do not throw the mic, drop the mic, spill beer on the mic, hit the mic (my personal pet peeve)… you get the idea!

7. Support your KJ– Karaoke hosts are there to make your night more enjoyable, so be kind to them! You should also tip them! (hint, the more money they make, the more music they will buy!)

8. Don’t be THAT guy/girl– Hey, karaoke usually involves drinking. I get it. And I’ve certainly had a few too many once or twice in my life, as most of us have… but that drunk in the bar on karaoke night is annoying and a buzzkill. Have fun!… just not TOO MUCH fun! 😉

9. Be patient– Often karaoke night is a popular night at the bar, singer rotations can be 20-30 people or more. You may not get to sing 10 times, but you’ll have one hell of a night! Just sit back, relax and enjoy!

10. Have fun!– Seriously kids, karaoke is all about having a good time! So enjoy yourself! Sing songs you like that everyone can enjoy! Hang out with your friends, make some new friends, enjoy some beverages and keep rockin’!

What are your karaoke tips or rules? Drop us a comment and let us know!


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